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Estate Planning Support

Our Estate Planning Support service is here to provide the foundations for all new members joining the CTT Group community. It is our mission to educate, as well as deliver training courses, present webinars, and introduce you to new products and services you may be unaware of. We want to help you provide a high level of care and service to your clients.

Specialist Advice

For those clients whose cases have more complex requirements, our Estate Planning Support services provide you with the advice and expertise to resolve challenging issues and present the best possible solution to your client.

One of the many benefits of being a CTT Group member is the continued support and guidance you’ll receive, every step of the way. We provide expert insight and professional advice to both newly qualified members and experienced practitioners alike.

Furthermore, you’ll have access to our Estate Planning Helpline via phone, email and our 24/7 Active Chat, so you can receive assistance whenever you need it. Whether you require technical advice, guidance with drafting Wills, Trust recommendations, or Estate Planning strategies, we’re here to help.

Document Drafting Advice Service

CTT members can ask our experts to check the legal documents they are creating for their clients to ensure that the documents are legally sound. If you are a new Will Writer or Estate Planner, CTT Group will provide the reassurance you need to deliver your drafting services with confidence.


Our members can complete their clients’ financial assets and concerns within Legacy Software and receive recommendations for what is required in their Wills, and which products would help them protect their assets.

CTT provide a Will Review Service so if a client already has Estate Planning and Will documents in place, we’ll produce a report on the strengths and weaknesses of those documents, suggesting improvements and recommendations for your client.

CTT can create a full Estate Planning Report for your client, be it for simple death planning solutions or for more complex scenarios.


CTT members can submit individual tasks or cases to CTT for our in-house team to complete internally on their behalf. This referral service mitigates the risk of losing a client by having to pass them onto another business, such as a solicitor, for handling probate or conveyancing.