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Do you dream of being your own boss?

Discover the path to self-employment success with CTT Group

CTT Group is a multi-disciplinary support service for the Professional Advisor community, offering training, software, and advice for Will Writers, Estate Planners, Solicitors, and IFAs.

Become a fully qualified Will Writer with CTT – no previous legal experience or qualifications necessary!

  • If you’re a natural problem-solver with good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to empathise with others, you already have the essential qualities that make for a top Will Writer.
  • If you’re looking to:
    • Break free from your current profession
    • Start your new career as self-employed
    • Set flexible working hours to suit you
    • Build a successful business on your terms

CTT will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need as well as full-time technical and business support to start your new Will Writing and Estate Planning career. Start practising – and earning – in no time!

“I wanted to take control of my life. I came across CTT Group and discovered the world of will writing, and realised I really enjoyed it! The staff at CTT are fantastic – it didn’t matter I didn’t have any experience. And compared to what a lot of other companies were charging, it was a low-cost risk.”

– James Pearson, CTT Member, Founder & Director of JP Estate Planning

Is there a low-risk path to self-employment?

If you’re looking to become self-employed, we see the options as threefold:

Invest in your start-up business

57.6% of small-medium enterprises are likely to fail within 5 years (according to the Government Office of National Statistics).

With the costly investment often needed to establish a new business, you run a high risk of losing your precious time, effort and money!

High Risk


High Expense


High Success

Supported career

Be your own boss: a THREE-step process

CTT’s training and support programme delivers a three-step process for starting and growing your
Will-Writing career, so you can enjoy the benefits of being your own boss while minimising the stress and risk of running your own business.

CTT Foundation training programme

The CTT Foundation training programme

If you’re looking for a low-risk route into self-employment that you can build into a successful business, CTT Group will give you all the Knowledge and Tools to support the Growth of your new career as a Will Writer and Estate Planner with the CTT Foundation training programme.

Discover James’ story

James Pearson went from being an overworked police officer to MD of his own Estate Planning practice with the help of CTT Group.

“Taking that first step was liberating. I felt like I was a part of a team then, and that just grew and grew. Whether it’s in the early days with training, or getting ideas on what contracts you should do, everything is taken care of; you only have to concentrate on learning and being a good estate planner. My only regret is not doing it sooner!”

Course fees and pricing

You can start your journey with CTT and discover the path to self-employment success from as little as XXX.

  • Foundation training =
  • CTT membership =
  • Legacy software (recommended) =
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance =
  • BEST Foundation membership (recommended) =

Year one cost:
Monthly payments:

Free consultation.

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